Classic Soul

by avrillorenzo

There was a thing that circulated on Facebook on how you would introduce someone in a story. This is my take on it.. and this is about Kevin.

(Play My Girl by The Temptations as soon as you start reading)

The sound of a jacket ruffling made me turn my head – and then our eyes met. It was like a typical scene in a movie wherein the leading lady finally meets her leading man – in slow motion. Hair neatly slicked back, and lashes as long as you could imagine fluttering over rosy cheeks – he reminded me of spring for some reason. He was in the process of taking-off his jacket – and I swear everybody in the room was watching him. My heart skipped a beat when I realized he was looking at me. I tried to be less awkward than what I am normally capable of and turned my head back slowly to the front and down to my book – feigning disinterest. Too late, I thought. Too late.

I never realized I was counting until I reached 27 and there was a knock on my table.

“Is this seat taken?”

His voice rang in my ear and turned into a sensation you get when you first hear the groovy, smooth melody of a classic soul song. I look up tentatively and he was smiling down at me – smiling at me as if I was the best thing he’s seen all day. Of course, that was just my imagination – and too caught up with it I was, I only managed to shake my head in response.

He sat down and I did my best to try and ignore him and get back to reading. It was a moot effort since I was reading the same three words over and over again. All I could think about were his eyes and classic soul.

And oh boy, did I love soul music.