by avrillorenzo

My life has been passing me by recently. In a few more weeks, I would be 2 months into my job and I never really noticed until I started writing this blog. Despite it being such a short time since I graduated (it’s only been 2 months since then!), I already feel like I’m close to evolving to an adult. In Pokémon speak, just a couple candies more and I’ll evolve into Avril. Yes, I chose Avril despite it being one of my nicknames back in Uni when my classmates in French class would call me that. But its constant use in work just made Avril the adult version of me. This justification seems out of place but I’ll leave it here just because. Maybe it’ll lead to something.

Work has been heavy.. but to be honest, I’m enjoying myself. I have a new skill-set because of the training I’ve had and I’m learning more and more every day. I also get along pretty well with my teammates. Despite the rough start because of personality clash, we worked around it and now we’re working in harmony(?). I feel pretty special too with my French team. I’m the only girl and they treat me like a little sister. That has its perks because they buy me food and stuff. Just one week in from meeting one of them and I got a Venti Frapp from Starbucks. Add chocolates almost every week, you’d feel special too. Spoiled would be a better term to use for that.

Another thing that has got me all fulfilled with being in Avril form is the capability to help-out at home. Thanks to my work, I got my parents health insurance. And of course, there’s the financial support. I’m able to help lighten up the expenses despite being so far away. I know it’s not really expected in other countries for children to give back immediately to family after graduating and having a stable job. But here in the Philippines, it’s a norm to do so. But I’m not saying it’s because of that that I give back to my parents. I just want to. The normal scenario would be parents asking and the children being willing to give as soon as they are able because of the whole ‘Utang Na Loob’ Filipino trait. But it’s different with my parents. My mom even discouraged me from giving every month. All she asked was for my siblings and I not to forget them when they’re both old and retired. I want to give because I know how much my parents are still struggling with expenses especially since my mom lost an administrative position at the Uni she’s working at because of the shift of officers. My parents are great at making ends meet. And this is me making it less of a difficulty for them.

Adulting renders more feels than I’ve ever had. But these feels are the good kind. Despite bad days at work, I still have my feelings in check. No more anxiety attacks and not much overthinking because my life is pretty much on track right now. I’m slowly achieving my to-do list for the latter end of this year. Everything is good. Slowly getting to great..

Slowly evolving to Avril.