by avrillorenzo

So it’s 22 days ’til graduation and I am starting to feel a lot of things. I’ve been pretty emotional recently, what with not having anything to do but just lounge about. The majority of what I’m feeling isn’t really that pleasant. But maybe this is just a normal reaction to one chapter of your life ending.

I started school when I was 3 years old.. That makes it 20 years of learning. By the Gods and all the Deities, 20 years of learning! Some would just take around 16-18 years, but I just had to add a couple of years to that. I’m not ashamed by it, if anything I’m grateful. Because I learned a lot more, and not just about what I study but life too, in general.

This last year of school was the toughest I’ve ever gone through. A lot of things happened with family, friends and my boyfriend. There were more bad days than the good and I managed to get through every one. I am proud of myself, to be honest. I feel stronger. I guess that happens when your life’s in a ditch and you manage to get back on the drive way. Only problem is, you know yourself better and what you deserve.

That knowledge is the source of all the feelings I’ve been having recently. I’m at this point where I have to decide which aspects of this chapter do I bring with me to the next one, and which ones to leave.

I have to decide who and what are worth the lines in the next chapter of my life.

..and honestly, I’m scared.