by avrillorenzo

Looking out to a crappy view of buildings blocking the sky at twilight, I stand on a stool behind you, with my arms wrapped around your neck. You are tall. “The only reason,” you start, “that I’m not asking you is because it was your birthday yesterday.” I shake my head. What does it matter really? My birthday yesterday, us today. “As long as we celebrate both separately, I’m okay with it.” You turn to face me, your face seemingly like a shadow with the light behind you. The room is dark. It takes me a couple of seconds before I get a better glimpse of your face. But then you hug me. I can feel it, with your lips pressed on my shoulder ; the words are there on the tip of your tongue, my heart starts to dance. You pull away, I cradle your face with my hands. You are divine. “I want you to be my girlfriend.” The look in your eyes made me want to cry. “Then ask me.” You look at me different, my heart stops. Everything is quiet and your lips start to move. “Will you be my girlfriend?” I lean in, you meet me halfway. I feel the tremble on your lips, and I think you feel the tremble of my knees.


The crappy view, the dancing heart, the trembling knees : You are perfect. We are divine. I am tall.

20 février 2015