I feel as much as I think. I do both excessively.

Month: August, 2013

10 Gut Feelings You Should Never Ignore

by avrillorenzo

Thought Catalog

1. When something feels “off” even if everything looks perfect, and logically, there’s nothing wrong. Because logic has nothing to do with it.

2. On the contrary, when something feels inexplicably right for you, even if the after-thoughts are that of fear or embarrassment.

3. When that little voice rears it’s ugly head and tells you at the most mundane moment: but you don’t really love them.

4. If you feel as though you are in danger. Don’t worry about looking “crazy” because it seems like there’s nothing plausibly risky to anybody else.

5. That there’s something wrong with your body; an illness, whether it’s benign or not. If you even have an inkling that something feels off beyond your usual day cold, have it checked out. It is always worth it in the end.

6. The moment something happens and you say to yourself instantly, this isn’t going to…

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by avrillorenzo

I’ve been thinking about you… and nothing. Yes. Dare I say it: nothing. Everything seems clearer now, lighter, better. I stared at myself in front of the mirror with this thought, or lack there of, of you and my smile reached my eyes. I feel as if I’m in a daze, but a good and spectacular daze.

Before, saying your name was as if I would get the fucking plague because your name leads to the thought of you and everything that you were to me; I’d fall down on my knees and crumble. Now… nothing. I’ve been saying your name over and over again and I’m kinda sick of it already. Light, I feel light.

Nothing could faze me, not even sad tumblr posts. I’ve been seeing and reading them all day and all the while I felt sad. Sad not because it burned because of you, but because I sympathize with the people who blog and reblog these sad tumblr posts. I know how it feels. That’s just it. It’s not because I know how it feels because of you. God, I’m already tired of the thought of you. Not everything is about you; nothing is about you anymore.

You… Nothing.
I got the closure I needed. It’s confirmed: you’re with her. And I actually am happy.
Acceptance leads to happiness. I’m happy for you because first and foremost, I am happy for me and how finally I’m here where I am.

And let my happiness be the last of you in my life. I am glad to part with your part in me in such light and good terms. Maybe I’ll miss you in this new state of mine. But it probably wouldn’t be as often as I should.

by avrillorenzo

You know those nights when you just understand how things happen and you figure everything happens for a reason though reason knows nothing of it yet? No? Me neither. Because, yes, things happen for a reason. I acknowledge that but I can’t understand it. I won’t. Because maybe things happen for the reason that they shouldn’t have happened to you, with you in the first place. That’s something I refuse to understand. I acknowledge it, yes. But understanding means accepting it. I don’t want to believe that. And that’s where the problem lies.