Upbeat, poppy summer songs on summer love.

by avrillorenzo

I’m at home. It’s nearly midnight and I’m not finished with the things I have to do for tomorrow and for the past hour I’ve been mindlessly browsing online and checking my phone every minute. Yes, it’s been a while for me to be doing the latter. But, voila! Here I am. I just checked my phone.. Hmm. No reply yet.

Ok, so here’s the thing. I have a new text mate. And yes, I just met him today. Sounds creepy, right? Well, for some people probably. But I’m pretty much used to it with the amount of exposure I’ve had to creepy. – Oh hello, my phone beeped – Ok, where was I? Ah, yes. Creepy. So yeah. It’s not creepy at all for me since we have mutual friends and I hung-out with him for two hours.

I was with a friend and we were studying. Well, supposed to be. I was distracted and distracting. Then, out of nowhere, he came over to our table and sat with us. He and my friend talked a little before I was introduced to him. Small talk is protocol when you meet new people. – Fast break. Phone beeped – Done. So, yeah.. Protocol. Then after that, we went back to studying.

All of a sudden, my friend told me that he missed me and we haven’t caught up with each other’s lives yet. And since I was given an avenue to talk in the library, I started telling my friend of my summer escapades. Just not to make my new acquaintance feel awkward, I told him that he could listen to my story. I’m not exactly worried my story would spread. It doesn’t matter anyway. But I’ll post the story of my summer escapades some other time.

So, yeah. I told my story and we just started talking freely. My friend left us after a while since the topic became him after my recount of my oh so eventful summer. He got all awkward and i-don’t-want-to-talk-about-it, so he left. Then, me and the new guy talked a lot and then eventually we made plans to have a few beers next week. Fast, right? But that’s just how I flow. Heh. So, with that.. We exchanged digits. – Speaking of digits. A text! –

After a while, we left the library to head on home. While we walked to where they were to get a ride, we still talked and then we sort of made plans to jog next week. Though with this, we didn’t really talk about it. It was just mentioned in passing. Ok. So, yeah.. Eventually we separated ways.

When I was exactly in front of my place, my phone beeped. I got a text, from the new guy. He said he was enchanted to meet me in French. ‘Enchanté’ and then take care. And that’s how this all started. – Phone beeped –

We’ve exchanged 112 messages as of 12:16 am. And, no.. I didn’t actually count the number of messages. It just so happens that there’s a message log/counter on my phone.

I’m not really sure how I feel about it. But here’s a clue.. This whole thing with the new guy has got me listening to upbeat, poppy summer songs on summer love. And where I’m from, it’s not summer.