Fa La La (A Capella). I swoon.

by avrillorenzo

It’s pretty obvious that it’s not Christmas right now. But as I was lurking around youtube, I came across a song (video rather) that seriously got my attention. It’s Fa La La (A Capella) by Justin Bieber featuring Boyz II Men. The song is part of Justin Bieber’s Christmas album “Mistletoe”.

I’ve heard of this song before… And as you may have figured, it was during the Christmas season. I fell in love with the song because of Boyz II Men. No offense meant to Justin Bieber. Well, maybe a little. I feel like the song had more feeling to it when they sang part of it. Justin may be great in a few occasions, but I think that won’t be enough to make such a song so special. Yes, I used special because it makes me feel that it is. It surely did make my Christmas more special-y. Moving on.. Yeah. I fell in love with the song because of the soulful melodies courtesy of the aforementioned American Rn’B vocal group from the late 80’s to present date. And now that there’s an official A Capella version, my heart just melted.

If you were just randomly travelling or sitting in a coffee shop and you hear the A Capella version and you had no idea of what song was playing, you’d get goosebumps. I don’t know about you, but I did. And I already know the song. You won’t get them during the first seconds of the song since you won’t hear Boyz II Men. But by 0:19.. Holy mother of pearl. I just had to stop whatever I was doing when I heard this song and focus on their harmony. Seriously. They are just awesome.

I loved the A Capella version so much that I ended up looking for songs that these men sang in A Capella. I found a few and I’m over flowing with good vibes. Nothing could dampen my day. But if there was something that would do so, I’d just listen to Boyz II Men and get my groove back on.

I’d listen to this song even if it’s not Christmas. I am, actually.. Listening. Right now. Fa La La~