Where do I begin?

by avrillorenzo

Finally! I am blogging.

Well, that’s a great way to start my first blog post. Should I introduce myself? I think I should.

My name is April. I’m 19 and find it hard to admit that it’s the last year of my teen-hood. Yes, I am mainstream like that. But more importantly, I am trying to improve myself by reading and listening to music. Include writing (e.g. blogging) on my ways of self-improvement list. I don’t just listen to ‘surface’ music and read ‘surface’ books. I’m trying to get into real deep shit. Oh, I cuss too. Not a lot, but I do. I also tend to be incoherent with my thoughts thus the sometimes irrelevant set of sentences in a paragraph.

Notice the term ‘surface’? That’s how I call mainstream materials. And before you go jumping to conclusions that I am a wannabe hipster, I am not. But don’t go assuming that I am anti-hipster, I am not.

You can say that I’m a fan of disclaimers. Maybe it’s me being defensive. Maybe that’s just how I roll. The latter, I guess, is closer to the truth.

Ok. That’s a pretty brief introduction, yea? I’d rather not describe myself in detail in just one post. Those details would probably appear in future posts. Be it in a vanity statement or a disclaimer, you’ll pretty much get to know me better then.

Regarding this blog:
I’ll pretty much write (a.k.a. type) random things. So, yeah.. Let’s see where blogging leads me to.